About Us

A23 USA LLC is established in 2020 as a Product Trading Company. We have lot of good products in our portfolio in all the verticals.

Our primary products have been SurfaceGuard90 and SkinGuard24.

Now, during this pressing COVID-19 time, the Company has thought and decided to help the public and the society by providing the genuine and quality essential safety products, that’s where A23 USA LLC has started trading and selling all COVID-19 Essential Safety Products. Most or all of our products are coming directly from the Manufacturer where we can easily meet the client/end user requirements as well as our commitment to the customers. Primary motto is to contribute something good to the society with higher ethical values. Our prices are very competitive in the market, and again, our motto is not to make huge profits but TO SERVE the people & society in an ethical way.

Our Company Portfolio contains following Products,

  • Antimicrobial SurfaceGuard90 (Our Marquee Product)
  • SkinGuard24
  • N95 Face Masks
  • 3-PLY Face Masks
  • PPE Kits (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Face Shields
  • Hand Gloves
  • Many more Safety and Surgical Products

We are ONE STOP SHOP for all the Essential Safety Products!